Finest cuts of meat

At the Annapolis Smokehouse our day starts at 5:00 am with Doug, our pit master, putting the finishing touches on our briskets and pork shoulders and smoking our ribs and chickens for the day. All of our meats are smoked with pecan wood from Georgia in our 1000 lb capacity custom built Southern Pride smoker. The design and efficiency of this self contained indoor smoker gives us the ability to serve you perfect BBQ every day. Our secret spice blend is used on all of our meats and is hand made daily. This provides the meats the freshest flavor profile and a rich mahogany color.

Our beef brisket is Certified Black Angus which provides us with the top of the line marbling for a juicy sumptuous finish. The pork we buy is all from Smithfield for tender and perfect pulled pork and ribs every time. Our Chicken is sourced fresh never frozen from North Carolina with the Mountair Poultry company, the first step in the process of making our award wining smoked wings. Our kielbasa is hand made in Laurel Maryland by charcuterie master Stanly Feder at his company Simply Sausage. This allows us to buy and smoke a raw organic kielbasa sausage free of nitrates and smoked in house. Our Duck is from Maple Leaf Farms consistently the best making for my favorite smoked duck and Portobello mushroom sandwich. Our salmon is sourced only from Scotland for a richer well marbled filet to which we drench in whiskey and spice rub and smoke just to perfection. And finally when in season we buy Chesapeake fresh jumbo lump crab to make our delectable crab cakes.

Here in our kitchen we strive to be the best everyday, to explore new cuisine, new techniques and fresh ideas which translates into an ever evolving environment of great cooking. Our specials are prepared with only the freshest ingredients as well as our happy hour tapas plates so there is never the “the same Old Thing”. This gives us the advantage of something new for you and our culinary staff.